“Pretty Little Liars” recap (7.7): Original G’Angsters


We are heading into the final episodes of 7A, and Pretty Little Liars is hitting the gas and running over any and all tertiary characters. Last week saw the shower-riffic death of Sara Harvey, and there will surely be more folks in Rosewood dropping like flies.

unspecified-7I see we didn’t go with my idea of vulva necklaces for everyone but fine whatevs

We open with the Liars and Ali brunching it up at the Radley and toasting Aria’s engagement to the man that stalked them for the better part of a decade. Spencer gives all the Liars nameplate necklaces and tells them that they are like family. On cue, the check arrives, and Ali finds a message on the receipt from A.D. about killing her. A always has their receipt threats on point.

unspecified-6Also, please tip at least 15% these servers make nothing- A.D.

The Liars see police arrive and discover that Sara has been murdered. Jenna is inconsolable in the corner, and the Liars call her a fake. Man, I will never get over the lack of empathy these ladies have for Jenna Marshall. Spencer decides that they obviously need to pour salt in the wound by jacking Jenna’s laptop.

unspecified-5Bitch Can Work Through Kubler-Ross Five Stages of Grief!

Emily goes jogging with her mom and assures her that she doesn’t need to talk about Sara. She’s more interested in Pam’s birthday and invites her mom to a nice dinner at Radley. Pam isn’t really up for celebrating these days, but Em cajoles her into it. These two are adorable together.

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