A GIF recap of last night’s “Guilt” (1.8)


Guilt has me slightly intrigued but also confused. This week I think Prince Theo killed Molly, but just last week I was convinced Grace was the killer. Clearly the show is doing a great job of leading everyone on!

Rather than write out the recap this week, I thought it might be fun to recap what I think were the best moments from last night’s Guilt in GIF form—because sometimes you can say it better with a GIF.

Charlotte is onto Prince Theo’s games and calls him out on it, but she better be careful because the prince is psycho.


Grace gets hypnotized to see if she can remember anything about the night of Molly’s murder, as in DID SHE KILL HER?


Kaley is pissed at Roz because of the mess she in currently in and blames Roz for her becoming a call girl. (ICYMI, on last week’s episode, Kaley saved Roz’s life by killing their boss, Finch.)


OH, and now Kaley officially has a thing for Patrick.


Natalie tells Detective Bruno that she is convinced the Prince has something to do with Molly’s death, based on information she got from the boy who used to stalk Molly. Detective Bruno decides to snoop around the Prince’s car and gets caught. And then punched.


Grace finds out through her hypnosis that she for sure didn’t kill Molly, but she was in the room with the killer.


Detective Bruno decides he’s had enough of Prince Theo and believes Natalie when she says he has something to do with Molly’s death.


Patrick is literally never going to sleep until the person who killed his sister is dead.


Are you still watching Guilt? What do you think about Roz and Kaley’s relationship?