“The Fosters” recap (4.7): A Stoned Skunk


Previously on The FostersMariana decides that being the HBIC was a good thing, and she was going to Lean In, or whatever so she, Emma Earp, and Peggy kick some serious butt in the robot competition. The boys of #MasculinitySoFragile quit the team but who needs them, anyway? Jude got high with Noah and Callie flipped out and tore her project to pieces. Lena lost her mind over possibly losing her house and snapped at all the kids, Stef, and ever her father.

AJ and Callie are having the sex in AJ’s room when Mike and Brandon walk into the apartment. Callie left her bra on the couch, and it just gets more awkward from there. Brandon stuff Callie’s bra back in her bag so she can leave semi-gracefully and I can’t decide if it was nice or kinda gross.  But I think that’s kind of to be expected from Brandon.

Mariana is freaking out. There aren’t enough hours in the day to get all the things done she has to get done if she is going to win one for women everywhere. Jude just wants to eat more potatoes. Good Christ, the kid is stoned at the table. Pull it together, Judicorn! Jesus defends Gabe for not showing up to fix their garage. So much for working off his debt. Jesus calls Gabe and asks why he’s not there, and Gabe feeds him a line about being sick, but he will show up the next day. Sure, and Brandon will make a good decision the next time.

Upstairs, Stef and Lena are looking for houses they can afford to rent. A studio is about what’s in their budget, but that will be a wee bit tight with forty-seven children. Stef wants to talk to the IRS so they can keep their house but Lena is willing to do anything to keep her dad from driving off a cliff. Maybe Sharon could throw a little of that stripper money their way. But Stef won’t ask her mom to bail out Lena’s stupid father.

SHERRI SAUM, TERI POLOphotos by Freeform/Tony Rivetti

Mariana has a brilliant idea to help her get her robotics work done. All she needs are Jesus’ ADHD meds. Oh, Mariana, this is such a Season One storyline!

Cortney is letting Mason run roughshod over all of Brandon’s stuff and exhibiting signs of being a totally ineffectual parent. Way to go, Cortney! On top of that, Brandon is in charge of babysitting when he thought he would be able to practice for his audition. It’s enough that I almost feel bad for him, but then I remember this dumbass idea was his.

Stef and Mike are shooting the shit outside the precinct. Stef wants to be a detective (which is hilarious considering she has never once detected any of the nefariousness going on under her own roof). Mike tells Stef that he thinks AJ and Callie were having sex the day before. Stef is okay with it as long as Mike tells AJ to wear a condom. She figures it’s better than them having sex in a car somewhere. It’s her turn to share, and she tells Mike that Brandon has given all his money to Cortney.

Jesus shows up to work but Gabe isn’t there. It’s fine because he can do the work himself. He does just fine until Mariana keeps texting him incessantly and he hits himself in the head with the nail gun.


Jude tries to buy some weed from the girl who sells it at school. Jude doesn’t even know what he’s asking her for and fumbles his way through it.

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