“Ugly Betty” cancels lesbian storyline but brings on Rachel Maddow


While there’s been recent talk of a possible lesbian relationship between Judith Light and Christine Baranski on Ugly Betty, nothing had been confirmed. And lately, various sources are quoting Vanessa Williams as saying ABC squashed the idea entirely.

Digital Spy reports that the show’s executive producer, Silvio Horta, said, “We thought about it, but ultimately decided to go in a direction that would set up more stories for next season.”

Apparently, one lesbian on primetime television is enough. Thanks, Jessica Capshaw.

But don’t worry — we will have some representation, in the form of our favorite out gay newswoman, Rachel Maddow. Spoilers that were released about the show, which comes back with the first of four new episodes tonight, have revealed that Maddow will guest on the show sometime this season.

I mean, who cares if Betty is finally ditching her braces? Rachel Maddow is going to be on! Oh, and Billie Jean King will also guest star, to play tennis (of course) with Wilhelmina.

See, that’s two real life lesbians on one show — he same season. What do we really need fake lesbians for?

There will also be a couple of wedding proposals, with only one wedding. As of now, we can be pretty sure it won’t be a lesbian wedding. Maddow still hasn’t called me to propose. (Rachel, Tweet me!)