“Pretty Little Liars” recap (7.6): The Showers of It All


Sometimes I forget how remarkable it is that social media has allowed us so much access to our favorite purveyors of pop culture. If we like something (or more often hate something) that occurs in our favorite TV show, we are only one tweet away from reaching the showrunners, writers, and actors behind our respective fandoms. For all you whippersnappers out there, it wasn’t always like this. Growing up, if you wanted to reach out to a celebrity, you had to send them a handwritten paper letter through the US Postal Service. And rarely, they’d write back. I still remember writing letters to Roseanne (it was the ’90s, okay?) and being thrilled when a generic headshot and fan letter came back months later. The point I’m trying to make is, we live in this crazy upside down world where, when fans start an inside joke or a meme, it can actually end up on the show. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

We open this episode at the Brew, where Aria meets up with Emily. They are quickly joined by a bickering Spencer and Hanna, who argue over whether or not Rollins is alive or dead. These girls need to invest in a stethoscope or something. Spencer assumes that it must be either Jenna or Mary Drake working alongside Rollins, and Emily adds that Sara Harvey could very well be Jenna’s new seeing eye dog. Ali strolls into the Brew, rocking her red (herring) jacket of guilt and tells the Liars that it was a gift from A.D. and their secrets are blown the fuck up.

24Look at my jacket, Aria. FUCKING LOOK AT IT.

Ali hops on her Huffy bike to make a grand exit, but Spencer stops her and apologizes. Ali calls them out on prioritizing Hanna’s life over her own, but Spencer reminds her that they thought she was safe in Wellby with her hubs. Ali gets a text from Det. Fury and heads home.  Spencer group-texts the Liars, and Aira breaks the fourth wall to be like, “Hey, guys, go with me on this one: Maybe we should stop group texting each other.” Spencer sets out to spy on Mary while Emily sets her sights on Jenna (not in that way…I wish). Aria bumps into Ezra and she seems surprised, which is nuts because she is literally in his place of work. They are awkward as fuck, so I take it that Aria didn’t say yes to the dress.

15All I’m saying is, let’s give Skype another try.

11Aria, Skype is terrible and so are you.

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