Kristina continues to explore her sexual identity on “General Hospital”


This past spring, General Hospital gave Kristina Corinthos-Davis (Lexi Ainsworth) a same-sex storyline as she fell for her professor, Parker Forsythe (Ashley Jones), and attempted to seduce her in order to pass the class. Parker, a married lesbian, turned Kristina into the university, but made it clear that she had to, ethically, and their relationship could never be anything more than teacher/student. However, the tension between them was obvious, and even though Parker disappeared for a few months, she’s returned recently, and things are really developing for Kristina in discovering who she is and coming out to everyone else in her life.

Before Parker was back in the picture, Kristina accepted a date from Aaron, a nice enough guy who is aesthetically pleasing by conventional standards. Kristina’s sister, Molly, is confused when she sees Kristina with a man, but Kristina explains that her identity is not set just yet.

“I’m allowed to date guys and girls,” Kristina said. “I’m figuring it out as I go!”

But after a nice date with Aaron, Kristina is calling Parker, wanting nothing more than to talk with her. Aaron overhears, though, and Kristina plays the pronoun game yet again, letting Aaron believe Parker is someone from her past–specifically a guy. He’s not jealous, though; he still talks with his ex-girlfriend. He gets it. He offers her a ride home, but Kristina wants to go home alone.

On their next date, Kristina and Aaron have sex, but the morning after, Aaron is a little perturbed.

“When you were sleeping I moved hair out of your face, and you called me Parker,”  he said, Kristina still in his bedsheets. She explains it must have been a dream, and then explains “Parker was my professor; never my ex. .. I wanted to be more than Parker’s student.” Aaron is, yet again, fine with this. He seems to like Kristina, although he gets most excited when he’s talking about how much he loves her dad Sonny’s coffee company. Kristina gets him a job with her dad so he can fully integrate himself into her life while she’s still figuring out exactly how she feels about him.

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 12.49.54 PM

Meanwhile, Kristina’s mom is out on bail (long story!) and is also curious as to why her daughter is dating a guy. She warns both Kristina and Molly that you can’t change people, and they can’t change you either.  “If something’s wrong from the beginning, it will stay wrong, so just walk away,” she said. “In fact, you don’t walk, you run.”

Kristina tells her mom that Parker is in town to give a guest lecture at a conference. “Are you going to see her?” her mom asks. “I’m dying to,” Kristina said.

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