Aubrey O’Day turns down “A Shot at Love”


Since the beginning of reality television, dating shows have always been sublimely popular. Thanks to Chuck Woolery and The Dating Game, many shows throughout the past few decades have capitalized on this market. And, there are always going to be people who want to find love and get their 15 minutes at the same time.

Though Studs and Singled Out may be off the air, there’s a whole new generation of Bachelors, Bachelorettes, and Cougars who are willing to endure the possible heartbreak and humiliation with the possibility of “true love.” But what about people that might want to find love without so many straight parameters?

MTV has since created shows like Flavor of Love, I Love New York, Rock of Love/Rock of Love Bus, Real Chance at Love, Daisy of Love, A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila, and A Double Shot at Love (I think I’m missing some, but I’m sure I’ve seen all of the reunion shows) have been more open about casting people of all races and sexual orientation with openly bisexual suitors (Rock of Love Bus’s Ashley) and budding bromances in speedos (I Love New York’s 12 Pack and Heat). A Shot at Love featured the first openly bisexual contestant, Tila Tequila, dating both men and women in hopes of finding love.

On season four in this franchise, Making the Band’s Danity Kane ex-pat Aubrey O’Day has been rumored to be looking to find her Shot at Love as the franchise’s next bisexual bachelorette.

Aubrey O’Day first caught my eye as an original cast member of Making the Band when she was winning and then losing a spot in P Diddy’s girl group, Danity Kane. O’Day was famously ousted due to her propensity of making headlines; not by being in one of the most confusingly named, fabricated girl-groups, but by earning her stripes slutting it up in the Hollywood party circuit.

I’m sure the Playboy pictorial didn’t hurt Diddy’s case in letting her go. Anyway, as the vile nicknames and hideous rumors ensue, and trips to the worst-dressed list continue, she proudly forges on and shows that this is clearly nothing for openly bisexual O’Day as she moves on in this next public pursuit.

Once O’Day was caught kissing Lydia Hearst in public, the cat was out of the bag in regards to her sexuality. What else is there to do to enhance your public profile? Milk it with another foray into reality television! She was the only reason I watched Making the Band anyway (OK fine — Aundrea was pretty cute, too).

According to yesterday, an insider mentions “Aubrey will be singing the theme song and hopes this opportunity will help her launch a solo recording career.” Hey, it worked for Tila — “Stripper Friends” is still in my head.

Last night, however, Aubrey cleared up the rumors, saying MTV producers had asked her about starring on the show, but she felt it wasn’t the “right fit,” but that she is working on a new reality show that she is also co-executive producing.

On Twitter, she wrote:

Hey Tweets! Just gotta set the record straight…I am NOT the new ‘MTV Shot at Love’ girl. At one point that deal was on the table, as were others, but I decided it wouldn’t be the right fit! Iam (sic) looking for love though (lol) and Ill be doing that as well as taking the stage again, in my own reality show coming this Fall.

Would Aubrey taking a shot at love make you watch the show — or did you give up on the series a long time ago?

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