“The Fosters” recap (4.6): Hurricane Lena


Previously on The Fosters, Brandon took the SATs for Tristan Weasley, the only squib in the Weasley clan, so he could help pay for Cortney to retain custody of Mason (the other toddler in their house). Stef threw Lena a killer 40th birthday party complete with costumes, strippers, and the bombshell that Lena’s dad owes the IRS, and it might cost them the Adams Fosters house. Mariana, Emma, and Peggy kicked ass at the robot challenge proving, once again, that girls rule and boys drool. Oh, and Callie can’t help herself and decides to help Kyle prove he didn’t murder that neighbor lady.

Stef and Lena are talking to Stuart in the dream kitchen, which may become the figment-of-your-imagination kitchen because there’s a lien on their house and he can’t cover what he owes the government.

TERI POLO, SHERRI SAUMphotos via Freeform/Eric McCandless

Mariana bops down the stairs ready to kick ass at STEAM club. Jesus can’t believe he woke up this early to play with robots. After a couple of Terminator jokes Stuart got from Tim Kaine, he’s off to try to fix his hole with the IRS by continuing to dig.

Mariana flips her shit when Stef asks why Nick might think she was coming back to see her. Good thing Stef didn’t share that Nick is maybe getting released from Radley.


Lena sees Brandon and Cortney sitting in the parking lot, tells him to get his ass inside before classes start, and then gives him a gentle lecture about how his girlfriend is taking advantage of him, all without breaking a sweat. Lena is a goddess.

AJ thinks Callie is a drag because she needs to work on her senior project and doesn’t want to play water balloon tag. She objects but I think Callie being lame is a good thing. No more running away, stealing stuff, punching dudes in the face, or sleeping with your foster brother. You just be boring, Callie.

Jude and Taylor are talking about Noah, Jude’s maybe replacement for Connor. Taylor drops the fact that Noah was stoned at Lena’s party and Jude all but makes the record scratch noise. Preacher’s kids—always the most trouble.

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