Mary-Louise Parker is still high on “Weeds”


Last week, along with the new promotional poster for Weeds, came rumors that Mary-Louise Parker’s starring role was about to go up in smoke.

The story was spawned by news that Jennifer Jason Leigh will appear as Jill, the estranged older sister of Parker’s character, Nancy Botwin.

According to Showtime, Jill is introduced when Nancy sends Andy (Justin Kirk) to take her son Shane (Alexander Gould) to live with Jill as a way to get him out of harm’s way. But Jill is not exactly content with her own life and decides to try to hash things out with Nancy.

The New York Post reported that Parker plans to leave Weeds after Season 6 and that adding Leigh “leaves a clear opening for the show’s creators to write Parker off the series and move Leigh into the matriarch role.”

E! Online went right to the source to get Showtime’s response to the rumor. Weeds executive producer Jenji Kohan was pretty clear about whether Leigh is taking over for Parker.

“No. That’s not true, ” Kohan said. “Right now, we’ve written two [episodes] that she’s in, but as we write, we’ll see where she fits in and if she wants to come back and play. She’s doing a movie, so her schedule is kind of crazy right now. It’s a great piece of guest casting. We love having Jennifer here; we’d love her to do as many as she wants to do, but my no means does it edge out Mary-Louise.”

That’s good news, as far as I’m concerned. I love Jennifer Jason Leigh, but can’t really imagine Weeds without Mary-Louise Parker. And just in case you need a reminder of what a smokin’ MILF-weed Parker is, take a look at this promotional trailer.


Leigh and Parker are long-time friends, so seeing them together should be fun. What do you think of the cast addition? Could Weeds survive without Parker?

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