Save “Chuck” tonight by sharing a hottie and a hoagie


If you do only two things tonight, please let them involve Agent Sarah Walker and a footlong sandwich from Subway. Wait, stay with me. I know that sounds strange and/or possibly illegal in 23 of the contiguous United States. But it is guaranteed to a) be enjoyable and b) possibly make a difference.

You see, the critically adored, ratings challenged NBC spy-comedy-drama-romance-geekopolooza Chuck airs its season finale tonight. So as part of a grassroots Save Chuck campaign, its loyal viewers are all encouraged to buy a Subway footlong sandwich today to enjoy while watching the show. It all makes sense and/or sounds considerably less kinky now, right?

Subway has been prominently featured in product placement on the show, so the campaign seeks to both reward the franchise and show solidarity to the network. Admittedly, I came almost tragically late to this series. For far too long I resisted the obvious allure of its kickass star Yvonne Strahovski despite the incessant screaming of “Watch! Watch! Watch!” from the likes of StuntDouble and The Linster.

And then, I saw the light. Actually it was Tricia Helfer wearing an itty-bitty cop costume. But, you know, same diff.

Also, I’m not sure if I mentioned this, but Yvonne (a.k.a. Agent Sarah Walker) is kind of attractive. And has an Australian accent. And is not adverse to sword fighting in hotpants and a bikini. Good God, click play! [Hat tip, Ingrid!]


The show — about the adventures of an unsuspecting geek turned secret CIA operative and his handlers — has a fabulous balance of funny, fierce and fantastical. And now that Chuck and Sarah have kissed and then some, I’m dying to see what happens next.

So you’d better believe I’ll be spending tonight on the couch with the hottie and a hoagie. How about you? Oh, and seriously television gods, Save Chuck!

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