“Orange is the New Black” recap (4.12): Taking Sides


Up in the luxury nest of Judy King and Yoga Jones the aftermath of their romantic tryst is going better for some than others. Poussey braves the after-sex funk for a sit down with her cooking idol and gets an unwanted recap of the other halves night. Not to be deterred from her original goal, Poussey looks to the future and asks for some help from her celebrity friend. Judy King gives her a phone number and promises to help her find employment upon her release. 

Sophia strolls into the bathroom in a semi-permanent haze, confused at her own reflection. Gloria tries to help with a compliment and a heartfelt welcome. She’s put back in her place by a weakened but not entirely broken Sophia. Forgiveness doesn’t come easy. 

leslie jonesThat magazine doesn’t have Leslie Jones premiere dress, pity.

Pennsatucky makes her debut at the normal white girls table with Nicki’s blessing after she helped her detox. Big Boo still hasn’t forgiven her for making peace with CO Coates. Red’s resolve is weakening as she goes longer without rest. It’s then when Pennsatucky fills them in on plans for the movement. They level on the probability of it actually working when Big Boo claims he’s too big of a fish, and they should go after her former enemy instead. Piper chimes in supporting the existing anti-Piscatella movement but Alex reminds her of their vow to take things easy from now on. Red sadly reveals that the entire thing might be over before it could even begin. 

Word of the protest moves around the cafeteria though all of the clique leaders doubt that solidarity can truly be achieved between the differing sects. The call to action is heard all around the Black girls table; they have to avenge Suzanne. 

Sankey and her crew choose instead to insult everyone in the most derogatory way instead of carrying the mantle to save everyone from the CO’s brutality. 

Ruiz doesn’t trust the neo-Nazis, but Blanca reminds her of their numbers and how little they actually need anyone else to make an impact. She argues that between what was done to either of them alone is enough to get things moving. 

After what seems like forever, someone finally questions how the CO Alex murdered got hired in the first place given his four different social security numbers. Caputo is up a creek without a paddle; Taystee calls him out on his lack of action, and he blames the process for the delay. He approaches Gerber Bayley and warns him of the evils of working at Litchfield urging him to leave if he can. The comparison is lost in translation. 

organic iced coffee*Walks in late with an organic locally grown iced coffee with soy milk*

Actual baby Bayley pulls one of the older tricks in the book and gives a girl a free ice cream on account of the fictional “cute girl discount.” He’s supposedly throwing alley-oops to his friends sitting just outside the stand, and they are bombing in the worst way. Does this method ever work for anyone? It works for one thing: Bayley is fired, and apparently he’s given away hundreds of dollars of free ice cream away. His nerdy band of friends doesn’t seem to care very much about anything important. 

freezerI didn’t put that hamster in the freezer.

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