Lindsay Lohan talks candidly about her breakup with Sam on “Ellen”


As much as I feel I should, being able to look away from the Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson breakup has been hard for me. The drama was too addictive, which is why I was happy to see Lohan sit down with Ellen DeGeneres on her show today to clear the air — so we both can move on with our lives once and for all.

The appearance was a smart move on Lohan’s part, with Ellen being the best possible person to talk to on the subject of public lesbian breakups, and also gave her chance to let people know she was getting back to work.

Lohan, looking very thin but with a seemingly positive attitude, spoke candidly with Ellen about the breakup, which apparently caught her by surprise. Watch the interview below:

Ahh, the avoiding-your partner-in-hopes-they-will-notice something-is-wrong-and-end-things-first-strategy? Been there, Sam — not the best move. Despite the drama surrounding the big, breakup night, Lohan told Ellen the two were still friends.

Ellen also opened up about her tumultuous public breakup, presumably with Anne Heche in 2000, which was all leading up to one thing — Ellen’s attempts to have Lohan look at how involved she is with aiding the paparazzi in their quests to find out personal information about her (via her Twitter, MySpace blogs and other interviews), and how she could help herself not be so public.

Maybe I’m a sucker, but the interview charmed me and I (along with Ellen) wish Lohan the best. It’s clear that she is not over Ronson, which prompted Ellen to ask if she thought they would get back together.

Ellen was very encouraging, and when Lohan said “you’re gonna make me cry” I understood why. Going through a heartbreak publicly has to be brutal, and I think — despite what many tabloids are reporting — she is handling it in a positive way.

It did seem like Lohan was following Sam around, sitting in clubs online waiting for Sam when she could have been furthering her own career — haven’t we all been there? Sacrificing parts of yourself for a relationship happens, but when it goes too far you have to stop and wonder why. I can’t help but think Lohan was avoiding getting her career back on track because she was happily distracted in her relationship. While I would honestly like to see them get back together (come on, they were cute!) I think her plan to focus on herself first is a good one.

And if I go through a bad breakup again, I hope Ellen can talk some sense into me. She’s good at it!

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