Donna and Kelly walk into a lesbian bar…


Donna Martin may have graduated from high school (best episode ever) but that doesn’t mean she got her diploma in common sense! On last night’s episode of 90210, Kelly Taylor and Donna decide they’re going to let off a little steam and ask a random passerby for the name of a club they should go to. Girls night — literally.

When they make their way towards the recommended bar (Truck Stop) it becomes blatantly obvious there are no men up in that piece. Oh no! Kelly thinks they might be at a gay bar! Donna doesn’t agree but when Kelly points out the two girls sucking face in the corner, Donna acquiesces. They were mistakenly sent to a lesbian bar, giggling “because we were holding arms walking down the street.”

This needs to show up on Michelle’s next Really? REALLY?!! vlog, because there is no way anyone would mistake those two for lesbians. Even if they were card-carrying members of the gay lady V.I.P. party, people in L.A. wouldn’t just assume you’re a lesbian because you’re holding arms walking down the street. That being said, I need to find out what bar they went to because there were a lot of good-looking ladies in attendance.

I have to give the girls (and the writers) some credit though, instead of packing up their purses and leaving, they took their “Dirty Girl Scout” shot and hit the dance floor! You go, Donna Martin! Of course, some things haven’t changed since high school — instead of Brandon or Dylan, Ms. Taylor thinks all the girls are interested in her and Donna is left to stroke her ego all the way home.

The storyline ended up being cute and I’m personally pretty happy with the way it played out. The ladies could have easily left in search of man meat but instead they made some friends and taught the children of the world that lesbian bars are fun and filled with really well-dressed, beautiful women.

This isn’t the first time this season that 90210 brought some gay into their plot — one of the school’s hot cheerleaders is bi. I might be the only person watching this show but I’d like to put in a request for a recurring gay character, preferably in the form of Silver (Jessica Stroup) to be my main gay.

Did anyone else watch last night’s episode? If so, what did you think? Also, are you happy to see Donna back?

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