“Skins” could come to America


American Skins fans, like myself, have to find episodes online after they air. The British Channel 4 show about teenagers is more scandalous than Degrassi, and certainly more realistic than most teen dramas you’ll find on ABC Family.

So with the current blossoming lesbian relationship between Emily and Naomi, the news of Skins becoming Americanized has me a little giddy.

“There has been interest from a couple of U.S. networks to adapt the format,” Channel 4’s acquisitions head Jeff Ford told Variety.

But the question is, how would a show about swearing, sexually-involved teenagers do in America’s cautious TV climate?

“There are things in Skins like young people having sex and doing drugs that make people feel uncomfortable,” Ford told Variety. “If HBO or Showtime made a version of Skins, there wouldn’t be a problem: A (broadcast) network adaptation would need to be watered down.”

Naomi and Emily kiss

However, it doesn’t seem like Showtime or HBO are in the market for teen dramas — at least, they haven’t been in recent memory. But with The L Word and South of Nowhere off air, I would love to see someone have a go at Skins for a premium cable channel, especially if a storyline like Emily and Naomi’s would be included.

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