Mary-Louise Parker gets tangled up for a new season of “Weeds”


When your show is called Weeds and the day on the calendar reads 4/20, well, that’s about as good a day as any to release the first promo for your new season. Those dopey cheeky monkeys at Showtime unveiled the Weeds season five poster featuring star Mary Louise-Parker on Monday.

What a tangled web indeed. Oh, Mary-Louise, please come over in a green bustier and little hot pants and get stuck in all the spider webs in my house. It sure would make housecleaning more interesting.

The poster is one in a series of fun, provocative images the series has released featuring the lovely Ms. Parker. Who can forget Mary-Louise naked as Eve in the Garden of Eden? Even if you remember, it doesn’t hurt to have a refresher, right? Warning: Tastefully NSFW.

The new season of Weeds premieres June 8 on Showtime. According to Zap2It, this season will focus on the “very tangled web” Nancy Botwin (Mary-Louise) is weaving in an attempt to stay alive. The key question — is her pregnancy by Mexican drug kingpin Esteban (Demian Bichir) real or fake?

So, does the new poster have you, um, caught up in drama?

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