TV Alert: Eliza Dushku on “Bonnie Hunt” today


If you don’t think Bonnie Hunt is absolutely adorable, then you can’t possibly have watched her show. Quite honestly, I think Bonnie has the best talk show on TV right now. (There, I’ve said it.) For one thing, she features puppies on a regular basis.

And puppets.

And pole entrances. (Yes, that’s Kathryn Morris.)

If you haven’t discovered the joy of Bonnie, today is a great time to watch, since Eliza Dushku will appear to talk about life in the Dollhouse.

Last week in a group panel at the Paley Festival, Dushku expressed hope that the series, which she produces, will get a second season:

There’ve been some changes inside Fox I don’t know if you’re aware of … It’s not just a Nielsen world anymore. They factor in DVR. They factor in iTunes and Hulu, and we seem to have a pretty rich, pretty strong fan base. People are really getting into the show and [creating good] word of mouth, and the shows are getting more and more complicated and twisted. I feel like people are talking about it even more, and hopefully that gets back to the folks at Fox.

In other words, watch Dollhouse, m-kay? Preferably online, so FOX will see the numbers.

Hopefully, Eliza will know more today when she talks to Bonnie. If not, maybe we’ll at least get to see her slide down that pole. Check for when the show airs in your area.

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