Ellen DeGeneres on feeling lost and Portia’s comments on kids


Ellen DeGeneres went on Good Morning America today to talk about Finding Dory, the new sequel to the hit Disney animated film Finding Nemo. Ellen spoke about how she connected to Dory being so “lost,” and it had to do with her own period of “lostness” after coming out in 1997.

“When you’re gay and you’re successful in this business, your whole team says, ‘Don’t rock the boat. Just keep it down,'” Ellen said. “And I just thought, you know, what’s equally important is living my life without shame. The fear is that you lose your career and it turned out I did for a while.”

It was her role as Dory in Finding Nemo that helped her to become a household name again.

Ellen also goes on to talk about how Portia “confuses her” about the want for children but confirms it’s not happening. Probably.

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