“All My Children” writer says happy ending in store for Rianca


Ambivalence, thy name is Rianca.

All My Children played a not-so-nice tug of war with the emotions of lesbians everywhere by putting Bianca and Reese through all kinds of unnecessary drama, all the while proclaiming the historic nature of Daytime’s! First! Lesbian! Wedding!


If you missed any of the slings and arrows of outrageous plotlines — or if you’ve put them out of your mind — check out Sarah’s Rianca wrap-up from February.

Bianca, indeed, is in Paris, leaving Reese to wallow in her infidelity. Rather than run into the arms of sperm-daddy Zach, however, Reese set out to prove her love for Binks to Kendall and the rest of the Pine Valley clan. Things did not go well.

Full disclosure: I quit watching AMC with any regularity, so I’m not exactly sure how Reese ended up living in the Chandler mansion with Adam’s support. But, at some point, Zach and Reese had an altercation that ended with Reese falling into a glass table that shattered into her face and rendered her blind. At least the writers came up with a new scenario for lesbian tragedy.

Since nothing spurs forgiveness like blindness, Kendall decides that Reese is not so bad after all and tells Bianca to come home. Bianca says she’s sorry to hear about it, but no. If only.

But wait! Reese was blind but now she sees! After a dream about her parents, she wakes up with vision intact. And she sees that Bianca is the one and only love for her and she must get her back. Get it? She sees literally and figuratively! Truly brilliant writing, I tell ya’.

Possible spoilers ahead!

This week, Bianca returns to Pine Valley. I’m not sure why she’s coming, but all signs and rumor boards point to Bianca forgiving Reese, resulting in Rianca going back to Paris as a family to live happily ever after.

That’s all well and good. But head writer Charles Pratt seems unable to just write his way out of the crap hole and mark the misguided storyline as a lesson learned. Instead, he’s blaming the whole thing on Eden Riegel.

Mr. Pratt told TV Guide that he had planned to resolve what happened after the Reese/ Zach kiss over the next few weeks. Then he learned that Riegel was leaving and had little choice but to write her out.

Poor Charlie.

I know AMC is a mess, but seriously, I have a hard time believing that the frikkin’ head writer wouldn’t know what cast members would be around when he wrote the story. I mean, a contract has a beginning and an end, right? The end means the actor leaves, right? What am I missing here?

Pratt goes on to say that he considered exploring Reese’s orientation more:

So we thought about making Reese bisexual — kind of an Anne Heche who bounces back and forth — and maybe make her an opportunistic black widow, a real bad girl. And Tamara would have been really great at that. But, ultimately, we decided to stick with the message.

The message being, obviously, that Pratt doesn’t know WTF he’s doing.

Among the responses to the latest absurdity is a great fan-developed video, Pratt Falls. It has turned into a series that parodies all of AMC’s ridiculous stories, but the premier episode was devoted to Rianca. You can view it here.

Pratt has promised a happy ending when Bianca returns on April 24. I’ll believe it when I see it. What do you think? Is happily ever after finally in the stars for Bianca and Reese?

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