“Rosaline” is the lesbian love story we’ve always looked for in fairy tales


Hulu premiered its newest LGBT friendly cartoon, Rosaline, this week and it did not disappoint. Narrated by The Fosters‘ Teri Polo, the animated short story follows a young girl named Rosaline into the woods, on her way to meet her “sweetheart.”


Along the way, she is faced with some obstacles–a wicked witch with a poisoned apple, a big bad wolf who wants to eat her—all pulled from different classic fairy tales and each time she overcomes one, the evil characters are surprised because no one has ever fought them off before. Rosaline tells each of them that she isn’t like other people and she doesn’t have to be like everyone else. She projects strength and individuality, something young girls need to see more of!

She is later met with her fairy godmother, who attempts to find Rosaline a prince so she can live happily ever after. But Rosaline declines, saying that everyone’s dreams are different and she doesn’t need a prince to make her happy. She leaves the fairy godmother to go find her sweetheart. And when Rosaline is finally met with said sweetie, it is revealed that the one that Rosaline has always dreamed about is a girl.


The cartoon is not only very sweet and exactly what children should be watching, but should also show Disney and all the other outlets that it is crucial for our queer kids, as well as children of color, to have characters that they can relate to.

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