Susan Boyle has a dream


I recently had a conversation with a friend who is on She said that the hardest part of it comes when she has a real connection with a woman online, but once they meet, she never hears from the woman again. Ouch. But she went on to say that she really can’t get too upset because she does the same thing. We know that we shouldn’t let appearance determine our impressions of people. But we do.

Which brings me to Susan Boyle.

In case you haven’t been introduced to Ms. Boyle, she is a recent contestant from Britain’s Got Talent. I daresay that your first impression will be the same as the judges and the audience and, well, me. Watch her audition anyway, here or here.

If you don’t have tears in your eyes, I’m not sure what to say.

This woman is the real thing. Shortly after her performance, she talked a bit about her background and her hopes.


I think that the tendency of TV “talent shows” to ridicule its quirkier contestants has caused us all to be cautious about opening up to the possibility that reality may be much different than appearances. But when an unassuming 47-year-old woman comes out of nowhere to blow away three cynical judges and a mocking audience with sheer talent, we can do little but bump head-to-desk at our own woeful ignorance.

Perhaps if Susan had been a cute 25-year-old we would never have known of her, but the chills and tears that come every time I watch this video are not from shock. They are borne of sheer joy that an ordinary person can sing so beautifully of lost dreams while she indeed is living her own.

May we all be so brave with our own gifts.

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