Stephen Colbert’s ad against gay marriage: Lightning will make you a lesbian!


Frightened by the same-sex marriage bill introduced by New York governor David Paterson yesterday, Stephen Colbert released an anti-gay-marriage video on his show last night. His impetus for speaking out was the recent touching (and truthful) National Organization for Marriage ad, which he loves because “it’s like watching the 700 Club and The Weather Channel at the same time.” Using that as his inspiration, Colbert make his own commercial about the storm that is gathering. The giant, gay storm.



There have been a few of these ad parodies circling the internet this week, but Colbert really highlights the most terrifying thing of all: The gay storm is a threat to the straight people because getting hit with big gay lightning can actually turn you into a homo. Yikes!

The best part of the commercial is Colbert’s comment at the end: “Remember, when the gay community is granted personal freedoms, ours get taken away. How? Shhhh! Did you see all that lightning?”

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