“Call the Midwife” recap (5.8): Weddings and Funerals


It’s the season finale of Call The Midwife, and they aren’t about to let us off the hook that easily. This episode brings tears, laughs, and a devastating loss to Nonnatus House as the series heads into the 1960s. The upside? A very happy ending for Team Pelia!

We open at the local clinic, where Shelagh tells her husband that women are lined up around the block to get the birth control pill. Unfortunately, that line-up includes unmarried women, who are not allowed to have access. My mother, who was a teenager in the ’60s, told me that she and her friends bought fake engagement rings to convince doctors to give them the prescription. I think this probably worked better in New York than in Poplar.

call1Women in charge of their own reproductive rights? What a notion!

Over at Nonnatus House, Fred and Violet are working in the garden when they run into Violet’s cousin Tessie and her son Mitchell. Mitchell is back from Australia, where he left his pregnant girlfriend. Tessie hopes that they can whip up a wedding before the baby comes out, and they go to ask Tom for a speedy service.

At the clinic, Sisters Evangelina and Monica Joan check up on the local children, and Rhoda (the thalidomide mum from 5.1) is there with baby Susan. She keeps Susan all wrapped up in a blanket so the other mums can’t see her deformities. Despite her rough start, Susan seems to be healthy and shows some muscle development in her limbs. Rhoda puts on a brave face, but the stress of caring for a disabled baby is taking its toll. Dr. Turner prescribes her some medicine to help her sleep. Yup, more thalidomide.

Call2It’s okay dear, why don’t you try some cocaine? I’ve heard it’s ever so safe!

Barbara encourages Evangelina to help with the newborns, but since her stroke, Evangelina has sworn off caring for babies. She calls childbirth a two handed job and has resigned herself to help older kids at the clinic. Also, a baby poops all over Barbara. Frankly, I’m surprised the women of Nonnatus House aren’t continually covered in blood and feces. That’s a lot of habits to wash.

Call3All I said was I was voting for Trump, and everyone started throwing feces at me!

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