“Legends of Tomorrow” recap (1.16): A Song of Farewell


Right before they burn into nothingness, Gideon admits to not being ready to die, and Rip realizes he isn’t either. So instead they release the meteor into the sun and time jump back to 20 minutes before he left.

On their way back to 2016, Rip tells his team that there’s still a lot to be done, still a timeline to protect, if anyone wants to join him.

Legends of Tomorrow 116-11 “As long as it’s not to save your family…again.”

But first, they have to go back to their lives. Sara goes to her sister’s grave, where “Black Canary” is proudly engraved on her tombstone, the moniker Sara herself carried for so long. Sara wants to stay and fight Darhk and get justice for Laurel, but Lance says there’s only one episode left in Arrow this season, so she should probably just go rest up before Season 2 of Legends of Tomorrow starts up. Besides, time travel sounds important. Sara says Laurel convinced her to go the first time, so she’ll take her father’s advice and decides to keep doing this. For Laurel.

Legends of Tomorrow 116-12“Can Nyssa come with?”

Lance tells Sara that Laurel would be proud of her and that he already is.

Jax called Stein’s wife and explained everything to her, so they’re on board for Season 2 as well. Rory goes to find an early, alive version of Snart and calls him a hero before heading back to the Waverider with Ray and Rip. And when they get back to the ship, they’re surprised to see the whole team there. Though Kendra and Carter are just here to say goodbye. Kendra tells Sara to be safe, and I’m surprised Sara didn’t beg her not to leave her here alone with all this testosterone.

Especially after they fly away and Rory says that the Hawks make him crave chicken.

Legends of Tomorrow 116-13starts to regret decision*

What’s left of the team is about to get back on the Waverider when another Waverider comes careening toward them. It crash lands and a dude comes out and tells them to stay off their own Waverider unless they all want to die. He seems to know them, and when they ask him who HE is, he says his name is Rex Tyler, and that he’s a member of the Justice Society of America.

What did you think of Legendary? What did you think of the Freshman season of Legends of Tomorrow as a whole? Do you think Kendra is really gone? Will you tune in again next year? (I personally will follow Sara Lance through time and space for all eternity.)

Let’s say goodbye for now together in the comments! Until next season, feel free to throw Sara Lance gifs at me on Twitter @PunkyStarshine.

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