“Legends of Tomorrow” recap (1.16): A Song of Farewell


Anyway, Team Legends deduces that soon they’ll have a ton of things to kill Savage with since he’s going to activate so many meteors, so they split up into three teams to take him down.

In St. Roch 2021, Savage is caressing Kendra and telling her that someday he’ll be her pharaoh, but she’s still feeling very, “Bleh, you’re the worst,” about it all.

Legends of Tomorrow 116-7“I’d rather be Sara be my pharaoh but whatever.”

Rip and Carter team up to take on this timeline, Ray and Rory take on 1958, and Firestorm and Sara go to 1975.

Legends of Tomorrow 116-8Peek-a-boo!

Savage starts the ritual in all three timelines, and while those blue flying monkeys attack Ray’s team, and soldiers attack Rip’s, Sara strolls right on up to Savage and starts kicking his ass.

In Rip’s timeline, Kendra uses the distraction to break free and fight, too.

Savage sees the White Canary approaching him with a murderous calm, and tells her that she’s too late, but she declares confidently, “Time masters are never late.”

Legends of Tomorrow 116-9Everyone else is just early.

Across the Timelines, Team Legends comes out on top. Kendra drives a knife into Savage’s heart, Rory burns him alive with his gun, and Sara snaps his neck with her bare hands. Glorious revenge, three times over.

Kendra’s Savage wasn’t quite dead, so Rip throws him into an electric box and fries him. They all lost so much because of him, and they all got a hand in destroying him.

Ray shrinks and poofs his meteorite, and Firestorm uses their new matter-melting power to turn theirs into a puddle. (Getting Sara’s boots wet in the process.)

Legends of Tomorrow 116-10The fact that she can sass means she’s not broken beyond repair.

But no one can quite get the last one to go away. So Rip hops in the Waverider, hops in it, and heads for the sun. Rip says his goodbyes, and his team is confused, but he just says it was an honor to be their captain and heads right into the great ball of fire.

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