“Legends of Tomorrow” recap (1.16): A Song of Farewell


Once on the ship, Sara flips out, threatening to kill Rip if he doesn’t take her to save her sister right this instant.

Legends of Tomorrow 116-4“My murder feelings have nothing to do with my bloodlust BE AFRAID.”

Rip says they can’t do that, because of the timeline and blah blah blah, but Sara points out that he seems only to care about the timeline when it’s convenient for him, and that literally this whole show was about saving his family, so why can’t she save hers? Instead of answering, Rip knocks her out.

Meanwhile, Kendra is running through the woods in Nazi Germany and sends a message on paper through the helmet of a Nazi she runs into. Rip and the team notice a helmet in a different place than it was a minute ago and find Kendra’s note.

Kendra is recaptured by Savage, and he does the classic Villain move of telling his prisoner his plan, and says he’s going to use meteors like the ones that gave them their powers to go back to the beginning of time and become a godlike human.

On the Waverider, Rip risks his own life by going into the now-awake Sara’s room. But Sara’s not angry anymore. She’s just sad. She just wants to save her big sister.

Legends of Tomorrow 116-5HOW DO YOU SAY NO TO THIS FACE?

Sara says that in all of this craziness, she never asked Rip for anything, not even more time making out with a hot nurse. Rip says they’ve tried to save his family and failed, and that the pain was too much to wish on Sara. Sara would rather regret trying than never try at all, but Rip says even if they did go back, the original outcome was supposed to be that all three Lances died. Sara feels helpless; she can’t do this without her sister.

But Rip says she’s the strongest, and she’s been doing just fine without Laurel. And even if Laurel can’t be saved, Kendra can be, but not for long.

Savage fights some Nazis for a box with a meteor in it, and Team Legends swoops in to fight them and almost save Kendra and Carter, but Kendra is shot out of the sky at the last minute and re-captured yet again.

Legends of Tomorrow 116-6This is what happens when you separate the ladies of “Legends.”

Rip promises they’ll go back for Kendra, and they head back to the ship. Carter is still having a hard time with his memory, but he inherently trusts these people, so he tells them Vandal’s plan to use Carter and Kendra’s blood to unlock the alien technology in the meteors.

They realize that Vandal is going to set off all three meteors at different points in time and sort of reset the world. And sure enough, Savage finds himself in a timeline and gives himself a vial of blood to use on the meteor.

Side note: Is there a single show on TV right now that hasn’t had a double on it? Supergirl, Jane the Virgin, Quantico, The 100… and yet none of them even come close to touching Orphan Black. It’s cute that they’re trying, though.

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