“The 100” recap (3.16): There is no pain in the City of Light


Welcome to the recap of the season finale of The 100. And I’ll be honest, I worked myself up about this episode and played out all the worst case scenarios in my mind so vividly, that what actually played out was not quite as bad as I expected. And holy Heda was it good to see Lexa again. There were definitely some major issues, but we’ll get into those later.

The episode didn’t have a “previously on” section, so neither will be, and we’ll dive right into the episode, with Clarke shocking her mother to try to free her from the City of Light.

The 100 316-1“We need all the badass females we can get.”

When Abby comes back to her, Clarke tells her that she’s okay, she’s safe. Mother/daughter roles reverse as Abby realizes what she’s done to her baby girl and she cries, and Clarke comforts her, assuring her that she knows it wasn’t Abby, not really.

The 100 316-2“But I mean you can never ground me ever again…no pun intended.”

Clarke tells Abby she needs her help and makes sure her friends secured the floor. Clarke says the conditions are perfect and the time is now. She’s going to ascend; they’re going to put the flame in her. Bellamy is like, “Uh, you’re gonna die,” and Clarke says she won’t die, not if they hook her and the brain-dead Ontari to one another so that she has Nightblood in her.

Octavia runs in and says that whatever they’re doing, they better do it fast, because City of Light zombies are proving that they’re not literal zombies by scaling the Tower of Polis.

The 100 316-3“And I can only kill so many people at once.”

At Arkadia, Alie uses Jasper to threaten Alie to try to get Raven to stop poking around in her code. Raven distracts Jasper enough for Monty to circle around and shoot Jasper in the leg. Raven drops a sassbomb, all, “Good thing there’s no pain in the City of Light.”

In Polis, Clarke sits on Lexa’s throne, the first person to do so since Lexa’s death that didn’t make me want to become a Commander of Death myself. Abby connects Clarke with Ontari, and the Nightblood seeps into Clarke. Abby looks like she wants to rip the tube out of Clarke’s arm and take her somewhere safe, but Clarke tells her that she has to let her do this. So Abby steps back, and Clarke gives Murphy the flame. She speaks the code word, and Murphy allows the flame to connect to Clarke.

Clarke passes out for a second, but then she comes to with a sudden clarity to her eyes. She knows how to stop Alie. She has to go to the City of Light. She has to find the killswitch.

The 100 316-4SwitchHeda, Commander of Switches

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