“Orphan Black” recap (4.06): Worth the Salt


This one hurt, y’all. It felt like a finale, but it was actually just taking us over the roller coaster hill into the back half of the season. I have a feeling this ride isn’t going to be slowing down any time soon. As usual, I put all my Big Thoughts on the episode toward the end of the recap. But let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start.

Previously on Orphan Black, Felix tried to assuage the fears of a (rightly) paranoid Krystal, Cosima and Scott worked on a cure for the illness that plagues the Leda clones, Susan Duncan was doing terrible things her in quest to duplicate the cloning process and create the perfect human and Beth did something shady involving a key card and a blonde wig.

We open with Beth and her wig and her gun and her pills, but this time, when we see what I previously thought was a key card, armed with new knowledge, we know it’s a Bright Born logo.

Beth heads to an event, where Suan and Evie are there chatting about Evie’s maggotbots when Beth knocks a drink over onto Susan as she blows past their table. When Duncan goes to the bathroom to clean up, Beth is waiting for her, gun in hand, eyes wild and desperate. “I know everything,” she says, not knowing just how wrong she is.

Orphan Black 406-1You know nothing, Beth Childs.

Present-day Susan Duncan is in bed with Ira, as excited as a kid on Christmas that she might get to meet the Original. He’s excited too because then she can stop giving him stealthy memory tests to make sure he’s not glitching like his brothers.

Cosima calls Sarah to tell her about her chat with Duncan, and even though Sarah’s not down with the plan at first, she comes around when Cosima explains that it’s their best option for both getting the Neoworm out of Sarah’s face and for finding a cure for the Leda sickness. To convince her thoroughly, Cosima admits what she was probably hoping she didn’t have to say out loud: Their latest test didn’t work, and she’s running out of time to find a cure on her own.

Orphan Black 406-2

And well that’s really all Sarah needs to hear. Cosima asks about Mrs. S, but Sarah reminds her: Their biology, their decisions. The only concern is that if they hand over Kendall’s DNA, it wouldn’t just be Leda, but Castor as well, and they’d be able to make man-weapons again. Cosima has a solution for this, but she’s pretty sure Sarah won’t like it.

At the police station, Art hears a can opener and looks up to see a very familiar face. It’s Krystal, demanding to be put under protective custody. Art introduces himself, and she explains her predicament to him. He realizes that she doesn’t know as much as she thinks she does, and is pretty sure she’s being targeted because she’s a beauty professional, and that the people out to get here are testing cosmetics on humans. And just…Krystal is such a treat, y’all.

Sarah goes to Bright Born to see Evie Cho, who leads her to Susan Duncan. Sarah accuses Susan of giving her the same hungry wolf look Leekie gave her, but Susan says it’s just so rare to see an “unfamiliar face.” Sarah points out her poor choice of words.

Orphan Black 406-3“My face is literally everyone’s face.”

Ira comes in, immediately putting Sarah on edge, but he promises he’s different from the Castors she’s met. Sarah asks about her maggotbots and Evie explains that everyone’s does something different; Leekie’s was fighting Alzheimer’s, Sarah’s is trying to make her sick to try to solve the mystery of the Leda disease. Sarah says she has a deal to offer these women that has to do with Kendall. (Of note, the only dude in the room is Ira, and he’s literally useless. The Muscle is a woman, the Brains is a woman, the Puppet Master is a woman, the Hero is a woman. THIS SHOW.)

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