“Rosewood” recap (1.21): WTF TMI?


As if last week on Rosewood wasn’t bad enough, things are getting increasingly awkward between Mitchie, Pippy and TMI and we are all shifting uncomfortably in our seats with our eyes closed, waiting for it to be over. At least I know I am!

While Pippy is working on the latest body in the lab, Mitchie is sneaking around like a weirdo with a bunch of stuff up his shirt. Pippy calls him out on where he has been all morning and as everything he has been trying to hide falls out onto the floor, she realizes that he wasn’t just not coming into work for the day, but he was trying to leave for good. Pippy asks what he could have possibly done that would make him want to leave his career, which is when Mitchie decides to tell her about the attempted kiss.


Pippy surprisingly takes it pretty well, perhaps because Mitchie admitted to not being able to pick up on social cues properly and says he one time tried to kiss his elderly piano teacher. Pippy is understanding, forgives him, and they get back to work–but not before Mitchie tries, awkwardly, to hug her. Pippy asks what she could possibly have been doing that would insinuate she wanted a hug from him, and he backs off.


Cut to later that day when Mitchie and TMI are alone, and he attempts to apologize to her for trying to kiss her. She cuts him off and says they are fine, and they don’t need to do an “autopsy on his awkwardness”–a joke I found hilarious given their line of work. As Mitchie begins to tell TMI that he thinks she is kind, soft romantic type music starts playing in the background and immediately I can tell where this is going and hate every second of it. He tells her that he can see that she likes him deep down, and he wants her to know that he thinks she’s OK too. TMI looks at him like she has never looked at him before and tells him how sweet that was and then gives him a hug. Then, as they slowly pull apart while the soft romantic music is playing in the background, their faces slowly start to get closer and closer together, until they kiss.


To make matters worse, Pippy is watching this whole thing play out from upstairs in the lab. I guarantee she was wishing she wouldn’t have been so cool when Mitchie apologized for trying to kiss her the first time. She was also probably thinking, “You fucking asshole! You don’t have problems picking up on social cues—you are just a jerk.” Or maybe that was me thinking that.


I have no idea what is going to happen with TMI and Pippy at this point, but I am bummed out that once again we need to throw a guy in the mix of a lesbian couple because there is just no WAY they can live without a man at some point or another.

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