Fox gives us extended “Glee”


The following is a recipe for creating the best TV show preview ever.


A legitimate choir that blends magical harmony and complex choreography with Amy Winehouse lyrics:

A milquetoast band of singing misfits in want of a benefactor:

And a bellicose Jane Lynch ridiculing people with a bullhorn:


Mix all ingredients together; sprinkle with authentic banter; add ample Lynch in a track suit; toss in a little REO Speedwagon, Les Miserables, Aretha Franklin, Grease and the anthem of all hopers everywhere: Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’.” Serve on the internet.

That is just what Fox did yesterday when they released the extended preview of their new fall show, Glee.

We know that the show’s pilot episode has garnered rave reviews from critics, who are calling it “fresh” (even though the promo feels a little High School Musical-y); that it will feature a gay teenage glee club member/football star; and that the pilot will air after the American Idol finale on May 19. That alone has left us feeling practically giddy. This new trailer (with ample Lynch-ian goodness) just adds to our, er, glee.

Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think.

If there were a channel that aired Jane Lynch hurling down insults like Zeusian lightning bolts, I’d watch it non-stop. This seems like the next best thing.

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