“Arrow” recap (4.22): Darhk Days


Previously on Arrow, Anarky returned and invaded Darhk’s Apocalypse Bunker Town and killed Thea’s boyfriend, Darhk stole Rubicon to begin said apocalypse, Felicity sent a nuke off-course and managed to save thousands of people, but tens of thousands still died, fueling Damien’s Darhk Magic.

We pick up where we left off, with Darhk absorbing the power from all those deaths and Oliver and Diggle showing up a little too late. They try to shoot at him, but he’s invincible now, so they get the hell out of dodge.

Down in Darhk’s Ark City—Arhk City, if you please—Merlyn finds Thea crying over Alex’s dead body. Anarky ran away, and Merlyn thinks Thea let him get away on purpose, so he has his guards grab her and drag her inside.

Felicity is in her loft watching the news about Havenrock and all the people she didn’t save.

Arrow 422-1I’ve decided that “Arrow” is a prequel to “The 100” and Felicity is Becca’s ancestor.

Her dad comes in and shuts it off, telling her she can’t worry about Havenrock when there’s still a lot of work to do to save the world. Felicity instinctively hugs him, then berates herself for it, but agrees that she can’t Oliver around, she needs to get to work. Curtis shows up and is honored to meet The Calculator, despite the fact that he’s a wanted criminal.

Felicity tells Curtis that the nuke has to do with HIVE and Rubicon, and he’s on board to help. She gets a text and leaves Curtis with Noah to go to the Arrow Cave. The message Felicity got was from Thea, and after hugging Oliver to thank him for not dying, she traces the message to the Glades.

But Thea is far UNDER the Glades, where her father has tied her to a chair. Though with her defiant attitude and confident demeanor, she manages to make it look like a throne.

Arrow 422-2Long live the Queen.

Merlyn has a solution for making Thea more…compliant. Because he will do anything to protect his daughter, even if she doesn’t want him to. Which I think is how you can tell that he’s a Pure Villain. He’s not protecting Thea for her; he’s doing it for himself. It’s not that he doesn’t want Thea to get hurt, he doesn’t want to lose Thea. It’s a subtle difference, but important, especially when it steers him to do things like literally take away her free will.

Anyway, Oliver goes to the Glades to find Thea but can’t see anywhere she could possibly be. But he does spot a suspicious sewer access point, so he leaps on down like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

When word gets out that two mysterious men in goofy outfits have arrived in Arhk City, Mrs. Darhk tells Merlyn that these vigilantes are here for Thea, and Merlyn is the one who kidnapped her, so it’s his mess to clean up.

Oliver and Diggle can’t believe there’s an entire city under the Glades, and Diggle compares it to Mt. Weather (which at first I thought was another The 100 reference, but then I remembered Mt. Weather is a real thing.)