“Once Upon a Time” recap (5.22 & 5.23): Double double, toil and trouble


Henry hands out pennies galore and a bunch of strangers make wishes with him, powering up the crystal even more.

Charming asks Jekyll why Hyde looks so different than he does, because that’s not technically how that story goes, but he says that everyone sees the evil in themselves differently, he sees himself as a brute of a man with a scar and a bad attitude.

Coins start falling from the sky and Charming is confused as he gets pelted by tiny copper Lincolns, but Snow White knows what these are: Wishes. A portal opens and they leap through, meeting their family on the other side. The New Yorkers clap, and Henry is a little bummed that they thought it was just another street performance, but Emma reassures him that for a moment, he had them believing. Enough to save the day.

But the only problem is, in all the hullaballoo, Gold slipped into the portal. He finds Hyde, who is pissed, and they make a deal.

Regina is brooding on the rooftop when Snow brings her hot cocoa with booze. She tells Regina that she doesn’t have to do this alone, that they all know she’s strong and good and redeemable, even if sometimes the writers forget that. Regina is already weary of thinking of a lifetime of carrying around the Evil Queen’s baggage, but Snow White has an idea.

OUAT 523-6“I literally don’t remember the last time you had a decent idea. Except that flask.”

Jekyll gave them what was left of the potion he used to split himself from Hyde, so Regina can use it to rid herself of the Evil Queen once and for all. Emma wants to be a real family, without anything holding Regina back. Emma and Snow aren’t leaving Regina alone, and they stand by to help Regina destroy the queen if she gets into trouble. So they inject Regina, and after some awkward agony, the Evil Queen leaps from Regina’s breast.

OUAT 523-7Evil Cleavage: Activate!

The Evil Queen immediately tries to fireball her own self to death, but Emma shackles her before she can hurt her wife. After some taunts, Regina gets the courage to rip the Evil Queen’s heart out and crush it to dust.

The family goes back to Storybrooke, and Henry apologizes to Violet for making her and her dad miss the trip back to Camelot, but it turns out Violet’s father is originally from Connecticut, so they’re going to stay there. The tweenagers share a kiss while their moms watch on.

OUAT 523-8“That could be us but you playing.”

Regina tells Henry that she feels free without the Evil Queen working deep inside. She uses her own magic to release Storybrooke’s magic from the crystal, and just when it seems everything is right in the world, Hyde strolls in. He says he brought some friends from the Land of Untold Stories – enough to occupy us for at least half a season, I’m sure – and that Rumple gifted him Storybrooke in exchange for Pandora’s Box. Regina says that Hyde can’t win, but Hyde tells her that evil is harder to snuff out than it seems.

Speaking of which, the dust of the Evil Queen floats on over to the Dragon’s shop and reforms herself.

OUAT 523-9Can Regina be the villain AND hero next season?!

She says that Regina might have won the fight, but the war has just begun. Long live the queen.

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