“Once Upon a Time” recap (5.22 & 5.23): Double double, toil and trouble


Back in New York, Emma sneaks into Gold’s room to snoop around, but he is the Dark One and obviously busts her. He calls Emma out and she comes to stand strong with Regina, knowing he’s not going to be pleased.

OUAT 523-2Seriously though they’re in the same frame more in this episode than they have in two seasons.

Gold only needed Regina’s hair so he could find Zelena, so he’s about to kill SwanQueen when Henry busts in and sucks the magic out of the show–er, room with the Unholy Grail.

In the Land of Untold Stories, the Warden takes the Doctor’s new potion and shoots it into his arm, causing Jekyll and Hyde to split into two different physical humans. Team Charming knocks Hyde out and runs away, taking Jekyll with them.

Meanwhile, Regina and Emma split up, Regina with Gold and Emma with Henry. Henry thought he was doing the right thing; he didn’t know half their family was stuck in another realm. So Emma comforts him through his teenage angst while Regina goes with Gold to see someone who might still have magic in this magicless world.

And that man is the Dragon, who doesn’t want to help the Dark One, but sees a duality in Regina worth helping. Her inner good can fight her evil, and he tells Regina it’s important that she wins that battle.

OUAT 523-3Do you recommend kissing the Savior to absorb some of her good?”

Emma and Henry join them and watch him perform a lotus flower ritual and check on their family. The Dragon says there’s always magic in the world, you just have to know where to look for it, so Henry runs back to his wishing fountain and has them all throw a penny into the water. The Crystal starts to glow, and Regina shares her flash of hope with her wife.

OUAT 523-4A liiiiittle to the left…

Henry then takes it a step further and jumps up on one of the library’s stone lions, asking the people of New York City to believe in magic, to make a wish with him to help save his family, that it sounds crazy but it’s true! His moms are proud.

OUAT 523-5“He’s weird but he’s ours.”

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