“Once Upon a Time” recap (5.22 & 5.23): Double double, toil and trouble


In said library, Henry and Violet go into the Rare Reading Room and Henry finds more versions of his Storybook, with stories and characters that aren’t in his, like Don Quixote and Paul Bunyon. Plus the big house where, unbeknownst to him, his grandparents, aunt, and pirate buddy are being held prisoner.

Speaking of those prisoners, the Squirrelly dude comes in and warns them about the Warden and Poole and that he used to be a doctor and even though he has to be careful, he wants to help them. He has the tools to fix Zelena’s broken wand, but he can’t let them out, so they’ll just have to trust him and give him the wand pieces to fix on his own.

After their search turns up nothing useful, Henry is bummed, until Violet spots a cup that looks an awful lot like the Holy Grail except it’s black.

OUAT 522-8“I don’t get an in because my moms are the stars of this show, I had to make myself useful.”

They reason that this must mean it can end magic, but as soon as Henry tucks it into his backpack, Gold shows up, knocks the kids out, and steals the Olympian Crystal.

In the mysterious new land, the Doctor goes to the lab and fixes the wand, looking like a stereotypical mad scientist, when Poole comes in and says he’s going to ask the Warden if he’s supposed to be doing this. So he pours a blue liquid down his throat, and the Doctor turns into the Warden.

The Warden inspects the scene and decides that he’s okay with this plan because he, too, wants to go to Storybrooke, so he’s going to let the Doctor do his thing for now.

Regina and Emma find Henry and Violet, and Henry explains why he hates magic and how he hates it when his mommies fight. He lies and says they didn’t find anything, and Emma “the human lie detector” suspects nothing, even though Violet makes the most guilty face.

Regina tries to use her blood magic again, but the magic is gone, so Gold must have reeled Storybrooke’s magic in.

OUAT 522-9“Is this a subway map or our family tree?”

Gold tucks his Belle-in-a-Box into bed at the hotel and whispers the wrong princess’s pickup line (“I can show you the world”) and just as he promises to make everything right again, The Warden uses Zelena’s wand to pluck Pandora’s Box from Rumple’s hands.

Not needing that silly magic stuff anyway, Regina and Emma follow a purple storm cloud to Rumple’s hotel.

OUAT 523-1“You’re saying the Top of the Rock is the most romantic spot in NYC?”

They’re going to take it slow until they get a text from Granny saying their family got sucked into another portal. So Regina’s new plan is to punch Rumple in the face.

But Emma convinces her to wait until they have a plan, which involves Regina going in and pretending she wants to help Rumple because she’s ready to go all Evil Queen again.

Across the realm, the Doctor releases Team Charming and takes them into town. It’s a mishmash of people and they can’t figure out what they have in common until the Doctor tells them it’s a safe haven, nicknamed the Land of Untold Stories. The Doctor takes them to a lair and makes a potion that he says will solve his problems. But before he can take it, Poole shows up and pours the blue liquid down his throat, and the Charmings realize they’re smack in the middle of Jekyll & Hyde.

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