“Once Upon a Time” recap (5.22 & 5.23): Double double, toil and trouble


Henry tries to keep his moms from fighting, but it doesn’t work, and Regina poofs himself away, determined to fix this on her own.

Instead of going home as he’s told, Henry goes to Gold’s shop, where he tells Violet that he has decided to save his parents’ relationship and destroy magic. Even though when Emma and Regina do magic together is when they’re strongest. But no one ever accused Henry of being bright.

Regina got a text from Henry so she goes to the Loft to talk to Emma about it.

Gold shows up, too; Henry took the Olympian Crystal and bounced. What Henry doesn’t realize is that if he destroys magic, the magical beings in the magical town of Storybrooke are doomed. Regina storms off to find her son, but Emma follows close behind. They’re going to have to do this together, so they set out on yet another SwanQueen road trip.

Regina and Emma track Henry’s phone to Boston, but it was a trick. Regina accidentally sets the trash can on fire in her anger and they realize that they can do magic now because Henry let magic loose in the “Land Without Magic.”

OUAT 522-4“Is our chemistry that electric? We’re setting things on fire?”

In the yellow buggy, Regina demands Emma’s hand, and Emma is suspicious because it sounds too good to be true.

OUAT 522-5“Physical contact was strictly verboten up until now…”

But Regina just wants to use Emma’s blood to track Henry. They find out he’s in New York, and off they go.

In Storybrooke, Zelena opens a portal to send everyone back to their worlds in case magic does get destroyed, but it ends up sucking Team Charming in, too, but not back to the Enchanted Forest; they’re in an unfamiliar land.

They see a meek-looking fella gardening and ask him for help, but he’s skittish and squirrely and says he can’t help them. Before he can properly explain why, a man appears and zaps them all unconscious. They wake up in a cage, and a man with a scar on his face and a bloodshot eye struts in, accusing them of working for the Dark One.

In New York, Emma and Regina follow Henry’s trail to Neal’s apartment, and they end up in a bit of a lovers’ quarrel. But then Regina finds a book she gave Robin Hood about this world’s tales of the merry men, and in it, she finds a letter. Emma encourages her to read it, and she does, Robin writes he’s proud of her. When Emma sees how broken up Regina is, she apologizes for being so caught up in her own stuff she wasn’t there for Regina. Regina explains that she understands why Emma thought the Evil Queen would come out, because she’s always there, under the surface, fighting to come through. Emma thinks she understands, but Regina says Emma never gave into the darkness, that it’s easier to turn back before going evil than it is to stay good when the evil you gave into is still inside you. Emma is empathetic and gentle as Regina spills her feelings, confesses how hard it is to try to do good even though no good deed goes unpunished, to try to love when it always ends in pain,  her horrible past hanging over her like a storm cloud.


Regina wanted to be a hero, and Emma insists that she is one. But Regina isn’t sure there’s redemption for her, a woman caught between good and evil. If she gives in to the evil, she’ll lose everyone she loves, including Emma. But if she doesn’t, she has to live with the pain of her past. Emma believes in Regina, and says as much, but Regina gets up and walks across the room to Emma, arms out, and puts them on her shoulders.

OUAT 522-7I literally gasped when this happened.

Regina says that she would rather take on the suffering herself than make other people suffer.

And maybe in another universe, that is when they finally kissed. But in this universe, Emma’s search history restoration software pings and they find out that Henry is in the library.

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