“Once Upon a Time” recap (5.22 & 5.23): Double double, toil and trouble


Hello and welcome to the last Once Upon A Time recap of the season! It’s been a long year, friends. This show has literally and figuratively taken us to hell and back. But there were bright spots along the way, like the return of Mulan and Ruby, finding new badass females in Merida and Dorothy, Emma and Regina finally trusting each other and acting like a family, and of course, the show’s first LGBT kiss to name a few. For this last recap, since it was VERY blessedly SwanQueen heavy, I’m going to go back to the original recap format.

So here we go!

Previously on Once Upon A Time, Henry fell in puppy love with a girl from Camelot named Violet, Rumple put Belle in Pandora’s Box, Hook died and came back to life, Hades killed Robin Hood and Zelena killed Hades.

The residents of Storybrooke hold a post-funeral reception at Granny’s, and Regina is zoned-out and sad.

OUAT 522-1“Did I really waste a whole season revolving my character around a man?”

Everyone is paying their condolences, but Regina looks a little detached. Outside, Emma’s as happy as can be with Hook back from the dead, but she knows Regina won’t be too pleased that the window that had been open for SwanQueen when the beards were both gone is now closed again, so she wants to break it to her easy.

Emma goes inside and asks Regina for a quiet moment alone and before Regina can get her hopes up that she means in a bedroom somewhere, a rumble shakes the diner.

Hook busts in to make sure everyone is okay (insert epic eye roll here) and Emma apologizes to Regina. But Regina is used to suffering so she’ll stay in the closet a while longer.


Anyway it’s no time for feelings, Gold just tethered all the magic in Storybrooke to the Olympian Crystal. They quickly figure out that this must have to do with Belle and that they have to stop him. Emma turns the tables this week, and now it’s HER telling REGINA that maybe she should sit this one out, because grief.

Regina is like,  “Bitch, please.” When Hook died, they got on the Grim Reaper’s boat and followed her to hell. She can see the fear in Emma’s eyes and knows she’s afraid Regina will hulk out, and Regina is highly offended.

OUAT 522-3I’m usually on Team Regina, but she DID just do this to Emma like a week ago.

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