“Call the Midwife” recap (5.7): Loose Lips Sink Barges


Nurse Crane checks in on Gina, but with the power out, she’s forced to hoof it up eight flights of stairs. She diagnoses her with post-delivery preeclampsia (aka Lady Sybil disease for you Downton fans), and the family has to make their way down the eight flights as windows get smashed in and Gina pukes over the stair railing. The only positive outcome is that Leslie springs into action, realizing how much he loves his wife and child. 

Patsy helps Daisy deliver a baby girl, and Daisy asks her to wait on cutting the cord. She wants to enjoy a few moments of connection with her baby while she is still physically part of her. Everyone is healthy and happy.

The next morning, Julienne sets out to find someone to fix the phone line, but she encounters huge pile of debris. The storm knocked down some walls, and she watches as Fred tries to clean it up and clear a path for the midwives. Suddenly, Sister Evangelina’s head appears over the rubble. Julienne is delighted to see her, and before she can climb over the rubble, Evangelina has already ordered the phone lines re-routed to the post office. Evangelina then has a joyful reunion with MJ, and they quote scripture together and get some cake.

Call10Damn the man! Save the Empire!

But Evangelina has come back changed: she confesses to Julienne that she suffered a stroke while she was away, and her hand is still damaged. She spent several weeks recovering from paralysis but took it as a challenge and a sign from God. Evangelina tells Julienne that the world keeps changing, and they must adapt with it.

Call11Still a better time than the gay bar

Speaking of adapting, Patsy and Delia go to the lezzy bar and dance together. Ugh, I would watch an entire show just about that bar.

Call12This would be so nice if the DJ stopped making siren noises and calling us bitches

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