“Call the Midwife” recap (5.7): Loose Lips Sink Barges


Gina goes into labor, and Barbara spends the night caring for her. When she runs out of gas, she sends Leslie to call Nonnatus house for a fresh tank, and Crane soon arrives with reinforcements. Soon, Gina delivers a healthy baby boy, who they name Robert. She confesses to Crane that she doesn’t think Leslie is excited about the marriage or the baby, and Crane assures her that he will adapt. Yet another couple forced into marriage by an unplanned pregnancy.

Call6I’ve got a can of laughing gas and a bag full of biscuits, let get this party started!

Barbara and Crane discuss the situation, and Crane talks about being born out of wedlock. During the war, no one cared much for morals, and Crane had an affair with an air force sergeant. She used douche as birth control and was lucky enough that it worked. The sergeant died in battle, and Crane never regretted the romantic time they had together.

Back at the maternity ward, Daisy’s health is getting better, but she’s overwhelmed by the level of service. Shelagh is asking how she likes her eggs, and Patsy gives her a dressing gown with the maternity ward name stamped on it. It’s an abrupt change from living on a barge and pooping out your own kids!

The moon is full, and a storm is moving into Poplar. Patsy tells Delia that the school children were making fun of the barge kids, and she wishes they could help. Delia wants to take her to Gateway’s Club, a lesbian bar. Patsy says no, claiming that she doesn’t want to be around other women, but Delia just wants to be able to hold her hand and dance with her in public. A lesbian bar in the 60’s? Count me in!

Call7A gay bar? But we don’t even own fedoras or leather wrist cuffs!

Patsy and the midwives wash up the barge kids and give them haircuts and a de-lousing. They also find them new clothes to wear so they can fit in at school. However, Daisy is appalled when she sees them. They don’t smell or look like her kids, and Daisy is furious that Patsy would interfere so much. She storms out of the ward and takes the kids home to the barge.

The storm blows in and gale force winds knock out the power lines. The barge rocks on the waves and Daisy goes into labor. Lou runs off the boat in search of Patsy. Across town, Gina starts getting sick and Leslie calls for a midwife. Trixie is stuck at the clinic racing between two mums in labor while Tim turns a crank to keep a string of lights on. It’s full moon madness all over town.

Patsy arrives at the barge to find a community of bargees looking after the children. They don’t know Daisy, but they’re part of the Bargee community, and they stick together. Patsy has them clear out so she can examine Daisy, who apologizes for her harsh words. Lou, who was on deck to help with the delivery, is thankfully spared and sent to play with the other kids.

Call8Sorry, I didn’t mean to BARGE in, get it?

Call9Get off my boat.

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