“Call the Midwife” recap (5.7): Loose Lips Sink Barges


Across town, Patsy and Sister Winifred pay a visit to Daisy on the Molly Belle barge. Daisy is hesitant to accept help from the midwives and tells them that they’ll probably be shipping off to their next port soon. Patsy asks her to come to the clinic so she can get the results of her blood test and free juice for her kids. Daisy’s oldest daughter, Lou, wants to go. Because of their lifestyle, none of the kids are enrolled in school.

That night at dinner, while discussing the Bargee life, Nurse Crane notices the oil stain on the wall. Barbara tries to pass it off as an optical illusion while MJ thinks it’s a sign from the spirits. The next day, MJ tries giving away the apples and talks to Julienne about how much they miss Evangelina. Julienne sends her a letter to ask about her return.

Over at the clinic, Barbara tends to Gina, who feels like her husband doesn’t care about her or the baby. Barbara assures her it’s just nerves, but I think he’s just being a dick. Daisy shows up with her kids, but she only wants to see Patsy. She had another dizzy spell, and Patsy tells her that she is anemic and has low blood pressure. She recommends bedrest in the maternity ward, but Daisy is scared to leave her family. Patsy tells her that she can enroll the kids in school, and they can visit her every day, and Daisy reluctantly agrees. We also find out that Daisy is illiterate, and that she had all four of her children by herself on the boat. Daisy asks Lou is she would prefer to go to school or stay on the boat, and Lou immediately says school.

Call4So you’d rather go to school than clean out the barge toilet? Suit yourself.

That night, Dr. Turner leads a discussion group about the pill with the midwives and Tom. MJ would rather watch TV and enjoy a cookie. They discuss how the pill puts reproduction entirely within the woman’s control, and how some men might not like it. Nurse Crane tells the group that she thinks the pill is brilliant, as she’s been trying to promote condom usage, but none of the local men will do it. She also asks Julienne for permission to say the word “penis” which is hilarious and also insane considering they are all in the medical profession.

Julienne is concerned that the pill will promote promiscuity, and looks to Tom for moral back-up. Tom remains vague and mutters something about the sanctity of marriage. Delia brings up the reality, which is young couples in love who can’t help themselves and want to have sex. Tom says he would counsel them to wait, which is ironic since he was just playing grab ass with Barbara in the parlor.

Call5Can we get a pass on this? Trust me; we will NOT be needing it!

Later that night, Barbara calls him out for keeping mum and he admits that he’s out of his depth, especially when they talk about sex and menstruation (the pill was originally designed to help regulate menstrual cycles). She tells Tom that she doesn’t believe in sex before marriage, but she understands how couples can get swept up in the moment.

Meanwhile, Trixie is at her AA meeting, where she tells the group that she’s been sober for one year. She complains that life without booze can be super boring, and she misses the fun of mixing drinks and partying. However, at least she’s not alone, and she’s made great friendships with her fellow AA members.

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