“Legends of Tomorrow” recap (1.15): Time is a Cruel Thief


Previously on Legends of Tomorrow, Rory was taken to the Vanishing Point to become Chronos, Jax was aging rapidly, so Stein sent him back to 2016, Rip found out that the Time Masters were in league with Savage, and Sara and Snart hid when the Waverider was invaded.

We start at the very beginning (a very good place to start) with Rip giving his legend-wait for it-dary speech to try to rally the team.

This time, when the gang splits up to think about joining (or how they’re definitely not going to join), we follow Stein and Jax and their argument about whether or not to go. Jax storms off, absolutely sure he wants no part in this, but almost as soon as he’s out of sight, he walks back in from the other direction wearing a brand new outfit. Stein is confused, but this new Jax explains that he’s from the future, and he needs Stein’s help.

At the Vanishing Point, Stein is dying, Rory is giving in to the fact that they’re going to make him Chronos again, and Kendra is trying to keep up her sense of humor.

Legends of Tomorrow 115-1“I laugh in the face of danger, ha ha ha ha!”

Rory tells them that the only thing that kept him from going full Chronos last time was thinking about how much he hated each and every one of Team Legends. What he doesn’t say is that might be harder to do this time.

The Time Masters come and take Rory, as predicted, but they take Kendra, too. As soon as she’s out of her cell, she hawks out, easily knocking down the guards. But one stray guard takes her out with a laser and her escape plans are thwarted.

Rip is also taken out of his cell and lead to the head Time Master. We’ll call him TM, because why not. TM explains to Rip that the only reason he and his team are alive is because they can’t find Snart and Sara and need his help finding them.

TM tries to explain that the reason they put Savage in charge was to unite the world so that when aliens attack in the future, Earth stands a chance at survival. Rip calls him insane, but TM says there was no other way.

On the Waverunner, when the coast is clear, Snart and Sara pop up from their hiding spot under the floor.

Legends of Tomorrow 115-2Did you see Octavia Blake under there, Sara?

Snart is ready to get the hell out of dodge, but Sar won’t just leave her team behind. She left her life, her family, her love behind for this mission, and she’s not going just to throw it all away because things got tough. Snart points his gun at her, saying if she won’t run he’ll force her to, but Sara stands her ground and is like, “You won’t.”

Legends of Tomorrow 115-3Who could shoot that perfect face?

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