MTV cancels “Faking It”


After two years, three seasons, and more hurt feelings than Moaning Myrtle’s Tumblr account, it’s time to say goodbye to Faking It. MTV announced today that Tuesday’s season finale will serve as a series finale for the groundbreaking but divisive show.  


How will we go on without the constant drama of Karma and Amy’s dream/drunk/pretend kisses? Who will remind us that “Straight Up” is actually a pretty good song? And will we ever know if Karma felt anything more than friendship for her bestie? Well, on Monday, we will be posting an interview with Carter Covington, Faking It’s showrunner, discussing what might have been had the series been allowed to continue, as well has his stance about the current relationship between creators and fans in the post-Lexa world. So expect more of his perspective in that interview and more of mine in my final, nothing-left-to-lose recap.

Having seen the Season 3 finale, I can disclose only that it brought me to tears—as to what variety of tears they were, you’ll have to wait and see. But perhaps this is the episode in which those who hate the show will finally make peace with it. Perhaps this is the interview where people will consider the perspectives of both parties involved. Perhaps tomorrow Donald Trump will appear tomorrow in front of the American people and announce that this was all a joke that got badly out of hand. Anything can happen; it’s a miraculous world.

But in all likelihood, Faking It will go out the way it came in, frustrating, controversial, brilliant, maddening, heartbreaking, and quietly avant-garde. From my perspective, for all that I will remain a dedicated critic til the end, I’m grateful for a show that started with a premise that seemed so blatantly offensive, then manage to upend the very concept of offense and gave us so very much to talk about. I believe its legacy (for better much more than worse) will be greater than the sum of its ratings and its missteps.

Are you looking forward to the end of Faking It? Do you think that your displeasure is personally responsible for its cancellation? Do let me know in our third to last (thank Hester) comment section.

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