“The 100” recap (3.15): The Last Stand


Previously on The 100, Indra cut Pike, but Murphy convinced her to spare him so they could escape, Clarke and Company found Luna but she refused to take the flame to become the next Commander, and Alie slowly but surely took over pretty much all of Arkadia and Polis in her attempts to take over the world.

We start with the Fearsome Foursome realizing that being badass isn’t always glamorous as they recharge their rover. While they wait, they try to make a plan. Bellamy wants to go back to Arkadia to check on Raven and the gang; Clarke wants to start hunting for a secret hidden nightblood to ascend. Octavia says that death follows them wherever they go, and she can’t watch another innocent village burn.

The 100 115-1She won’t.

Clarke says this is their only choice, but her friends disagree. She’s outvoted, so she goes for a walk in the woods to clear her head. Once she’s definitely alone, she takes Lexa out and apologizes to her, apologizes for letting her down, apologizes for not being able to save her for the second time.

The 100 115-2She’d be more apt to forgive you if you put her back in your breast pocket.

But Alie is there in the woods and demands Clarke and the flame be brought to her. A tirku jumps out to get her, but Roan leaps out of the shadows to save her. Roan wants the flame so Ontari can ascend, and technically Clarke does too, so they take Roan prisoner and head back to Arkadia.

Raven and Monty are bummed they don’t have Luna with them, and a little wary of their prisoner, him being the king of Ice Nation and all. Especially Raven.

The 100 115-3Who is even more of a rockstar post-Alie.

But Clarke says they need the information off the flame to destroy Alie, and they need a nightblood to do it. They all have the same enemy, so they should work together. Clarke explains that they have to get Alie out of Ontari before giving her the flame, meaning they have to abduct her from the center of Polis, the eye of the storm, the heart of the hive. She explains to Roan that everyone who is chipped thinks with the same brain and he gets it. And is a little put-off.

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