“Arrow” recap (4.21): Dividing the Light from the Darhkness


Previously on Arrow, Felicity found out that her absentee father was a master hacker that goes by The Calculator, Diggle killed his brother then lied to Lyla about how it happened, Thea got kidnapped by her brainwashed boyfriend, and Darhk gained full control of all the nuclear weapons in the entire world.

Team Arrow is running around in circles trying to figure out how to stop the literal Armageddon. Lyla blames Amanda Waller for the fact that the control of every single nuke was  but that’s kind of beside the point since they have less than 21 hours to save the world. Oliver thinks Felicity can do it, but Felicity isn’t too proud to admit she needs help. More specifically, she needs The Calculator.

Arrow 421-1TI-666

Diggle isn’t so sure they can trust this evil mastermind, but Felicity didn’t say they SHOULD trust him, just that it was something they were going to have to suck up and do if they didn’t want to go splat. So she’s running a search to try to find him, and she’s looking for Thea while she’s at it.

Diggle storms off to grump about this plan, but Oliver says they don’t have to trust Noah, they just have to trust Felicity. She was off the team for like two weeks and it all went to hell, they can’t risk losing her while they whole world is in jeopardy. Anyway, according to Oliver’s memory, they need to find a nexus where Darhk will likely be hiding out, so they need to follow the ley lines.

In Pleasantville, Thea is being held in her kitchen by armed Ghosts, making the tweets and woofs in time with the nature soundtrack. Merlyn comes in and tells her about Genesis and how he thinks it’s a great idea, and that it was because of him that she’s on the metaphorical ark. But Thea is not impressed and is still salty about being a prisoner and says she’ll be more or less quiet about it if she gets to see Alex.

Arrow 421-2Never underestimate the power of the pout.

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