Jackie Warner might lose “Work Out” for “Jackie’s Gym Takeover”


There’s some good Jackie Warner news and some bad Jackie Warner news. First, the bad news: there’s still no word on a fourth season of Work Out. Is it just on a break? We have no idea. Will it ever come back? Who knows? I certainly hope so. I mean, it’s been forever.

But, now, the good news: Jackie Warner will be coming back to Bravo. It was just announced that she’s getting a whole new show called Jackie’s Gym Takeover. Excellent.

While there’s absolutely no replacing Work Out and all the drama, abs, drama, tank tops, girlfriends, drama and a bit of exercising, we can at least be satisfied with Jackie in our living room on a weekly basis again. (Although, if they did renew Work Out, we could have her twice a week — I mean on-screen, get your mind out of the gutter. Or not. I don’t mind.)

Following the same format of Tabatha’s Salon Takeover, Jackie’s new show will have her visiting flailing gyms to get them to run as smoothly as her own Sky Sport — at least that’s the idea.

Now, I’m on a mission to get a hold of the list of gyms Jackie will be revamping and becoming a member. I will go to all of them, every day. Oh, they might not be where I live? I can move. I mean, why not? I heard it’s good for your work out routine to switch up your gym every once in a while. I swear. Pretty sure I read that in Women’s Health.

There’s no word yet on when Jackie’s Gym Takeover will premier, but you have my word I will tell you. Because I’ll be looking into it every day, like a crazy person. Does it sound like something you’ll watch — even if Jackie may be more professional and less making-out-with-straight-girls?

Also, let this be your reminder to vote for Jackie on the AfterEllen.com Hot 100 (or the top 10 over 40 — she is 40, after all). Last year, she was No. 56. What’s wrong with you people? (Just kidding. Kind of.)

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