“Wynonna Earp” recap (1.06): Dem Bones


Previously on Wynonna Earp, Wynonna set out to kill The Seven, the group of Revenants responsible for the loss of her sister and father, an uncharacteristically nice Rev helped out and gave them a picture of The Seven, and Big Bad Bobo del Rey helped the Stone Witch assemble some skeletons.  

We open with Wynonna sparring with Dolls. She’s very acrobatic but he still kinda kicks her butt. He tells her to find his weakness, and that she does. And when she knocks him down, she is SO proud of herself. It’s quite adorable.

Wynonna Earp 106-1Dimples for days.

While she’s happy dancing around, she tells Dolls that “Make your peace” is her new catchphrase and invites him to dinner, but he declines. In all her bouncing, she doesn’t notice that there’s something wrong with Dolls’ arm.  

Across town, Doc storms up to Bobo and is mad that the Stone Witch wasn’t where he said she’d be. Doc wants to kill the witch, which I suppose is part of the reason Bobo isn’t quite ready to hand her over. They have a bit of a pissing match before parting ways.

Bobo goes to his digging yard and is pissed not everyone showed up for work today. He forces a Revenant to put a drill in his own cheek and it’s gross and evil.

Back in town, Waverly and Wynonna meet up for some sisterly snacking.

Wynonna Earp 106-2That’s what my brother does when we hang out, too.

Waverly gets a dick pic and Wynonna finally says it: She’s. Too. Good. For. Champ. The. Chump. Waverly tries to change the subject to Wynonna’s sex life, but the not-so-nice waitress, Hetty, interrupts them.

This gets Waverly back on track, and the sisters get back to looking at the picture of the Seven. There’s one Revenant with a tattoo on their neck, and Waverly recognizes the symbol and knows someone Wynonna can talk to called the Blacksmith, because OF COURSE SHE DOES.

Dolls and Wynonna go find this Blacksmith, and Wynonna steps on a landmine. Dolls tells her not to move while Wy’s eyes do the most awesome crazy things, then the Blacksmith comes storming out, wielding a hot poker.

Wynonna Earp 106-3It’s Marlo! From “Rookie Blue”!

And she is FIERCE. Wynonna asks for her help and sort of threatens her, but in a cute way? It wins the Blacksmith over and she tells her to come inside, then laughs at Wynonna when she realizes she’s not moving because she’s standing on a landmine. They’re not active.

Wynonna Earp 106-4Rude.

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