Dorothy’s not just in Kansas anymore


Tell me if this sounds familiar: A Midwestern gal comes to New York City and finds herself working for a wicked boss. Wait, wait, I’ve seen this one — The Devil Wears Prada. Or, because many Manhattanites think Queens might as well be the Midwest, Ugly Betty.

Well, no and girl, please. This is instead the premise for the proposed new The Wizard of Oz-inspired TV series Dorothy Gale. Lions and tigers and remakes, oh my. As much as I love all things Oz, I’m not sure yet another remake/retelling/reimagining is the best way to pay homage to its enduring popularity. And Oz as the Big Apple? Well, it’s a tad obvious.

The series is in development for NBC by producer Jason Katims (Friday Night Lights). His modern-day take on Oz follows Kansas girl Dorothy as she moves to Manhattan and finds a job in the art world complete with a wicked boss. That’s all fine and good, but will the winged monkeys be there?

Executive producer Katims has an interesting track record. He started as a story editor on My So-Called Life, and then went on to executive producer Roswell, Boston Public, Bionic Woman (thought just for two episodes, so don’t hold that against him) and Friday Night Lights. Co-executive producing will be FNL writer Bridget Carpenter, who previously worked on Dead Like Me.

Well the My So-Called Life, Friday Night Lights and Dead Like Me connections bode well. No word yet on who would play Dorothy, or the Scarecrow, Tin Man, Cowardly Lion or Wicked Witch Boss.

But, after so many different takes on the same theme (The Wiz, Wicked, Tin Man to name a few), is there really anything new to say? Or, maybe I just need to click my heels and repeat after Glinda: There is no place like homey stories we’re all already familiar with.

So, thoughts? Is this a series of another color? Who do you see in each role? And will you follow the yellow — oh, you know where I’m going with this.

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