“Orphan Black” recap (4.04): Control


Previously on Orphan Black, the Neolutionists put gross robot worms in their cheeks, Alison and Donnie dug up Leekie to get his, Rachel used Charlotte to get a message to Ferdinand, Felix met a woman who claims to be his biological sister, Beth told MK to lay low and she listened, and Ferdinand saved Sarah from an evil dentist.

We open with MK brushing her teeth and making a bomb, just normal getting ready stuff. She talks to a picture, a girl named Niki, who is a Leda clone, and one it seems MK cared about very much.

Sarah and Mrs. S take Ferdinand to the safe house with a bag over his head. He immediately starts making himself at home, but Sarah just wants the damn maggotbot out of her head.

Orphan Black 404-1“Without damaging my perfect face please and thank you.”

Ferdinand says that Susan Duncan will have the answers they need, so they have to rescue Rachel. And he knows they have the resources to do it.

Back at their secret lab, Scott and Cosima have a bag with Leekie’s leaky head in it. Cosima indelicately thumps the head on the table, and says, “Who’s the science now, bitch?”

Quotes-From-The-Clone-Club-In-Orphan-Black-Season-4-Episode-4-Whos-the-science-now-bitchvia orphanblack.tumblr.com

Cosima is still mildly horrified that Alison and Donnie just had this body in their garage but she’s also thrilled because she has a science gold mine.

Alison meets up with Sarah Stubbs to sing a little Jesus Christ Superstar when the Neolutionist girl, Trina, storms up and calls her Beth, scolding her for showing up at Club Neolution, saying something about Lifespring Fertility. Alison takes a stalkerazzi photo of her before she storms up because she’s getting really good at this whole life of crime business.

Felix shows up at the safehouse, mad no one told him about the maggotbot in Sarah’s cheek, but Sarah’s grumpy he’s trying to replace her with this Adele chick. Mrs. S mediates the sibling rivalry until they’re interrupted by Alison sending Sarah a photo of Trina and how she called herself a carrier and mentioned Lifespring Fertility. She tries to say that’s all the help she can provide, but Sarah snaps at her, so this gig is Alison’s.

Orphan Black 404-2I think she secretly loves it.

Felix offers to go with Alison since they’re both not feeling Sarah right now.

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