“The 100” recap (3.14): Desperate Measures


Previously on The 100, Monty sent his mother to the City of Light, Luna refused to become the next Commander despite being one of the last nightbloods, Raven stayed in Arkadia to try to hack into Alie from there, and Murphy saved Pike from death by 300 cuts from Indra so that they could work together to escape Alie’s prison in Polis.

The streets of Polis are still red with the blood of those who wouldn’t join the City of Light and also weren’t useful. The useful prisoners are getting restless in their cell, and Indra wants to kill Jaha. But Murphy knows that’s not the answer, that Jaha is just a pawn. They need a different plan. When the guards come in for their daily offering of City of Light chips, Alie notices that Pike is more injured than he was when he was put in the cell, so she has them check to see if anyone is unchained. When they get to Indra, she kills them all dead.

100 314-1Because she’s the best one.

Murphy wants to run, but Indra knows he had a flickering of a plan in that stubborn head of his. Murphy admits that he knows that the backpack is a power source for the AI, and Indra saw them take it into Titus’s temple, so that’s the new plan. Indra sends her trikru people running as a distraction while she, Pike and Murphy go to destroy the backpack.

Alie welcomes the guard to the City of Light, and he’s weirdly dressed like a businessman, so I guess the code automatically makes people look like they work on Wall Street? Because there’s no way he’d even know what a button-down shirt was, right? I don’t know. Anyway, one of the escaped trikru must have been chipped because she’s in the city of light and now Alie knows Murphy’s plan.

Alie calls for Emori to recruit her to help stop/distract Murphy. Jaha reminds her that she can correct her defects in the City of Light, and she inspects her hand, looks him in the eye and says she would if she had any. There’s still some Emori in there somewhere. Alie sends Emori on a mission to stop Murphy.

100 314-2Not every day you see a peacoat and a face tattoo on the same person. I dig it.

One of the floukru is telling a story about a shark attack while Luna tells Clarke & Co how they’re leaving at midnight. She asks for a minute alone with Octavia and gives her back Lincoln’s notebook.

100 314-3I love that she almost saw Octavia as more of a leader than Clarke.

Octavia asks why Luna won’t help them fight, and tries to say Lincoln would want them to join forces, but Luna knows that’s not true. Luna and her people are the ones who are done fighting. She can see the fight in Octavia’s eyes and knows Lincoln wouldn’t have wanted all that death to come to Luna’s oil rig. Lincoln was trying to take Octavia of the Sky People to Luna, not Oktavia kom Oktaviakru, legendary Floorheda.

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