“Legends of Tomorrow” recap (1.14): Captain of the Ship(s)


Previously on Legends of Tomorrow, the team almost finally defeated Savage, but Kendra stopped before delivering the fatal blow to save a version of Carter, who hadn’t remembered who he was yet.  

Snart, Rory, and Sara are a little salty that Savage is still alive, considering killing him was the whole point of this whole mission. They pass a bottle around and glaring in Kendra and Rip’s general direction.

Legends of Tomorrow 114-1Biiiig fan of this shirt.

They’re down for killing Savage despite what that might mean for Carter, but the rest of the team is more hesitant.

Ray and Jax pop in and say that they’ve discovered that Savage was using technology too advanced for even his future, and Rip gets excited because now the Time Masters might actually listen to him about the dangers of Vandal Savage. So off to the edge of the universe they go.

Legends of Tomorrow 114-2“There are almost definitely queer women at the edge of the universe.”

Rip goes to the brig and asks Savage how he time traveled. Once he learned that it was possible from Rip, he dedicated his extra-long life to figuring out how. He calls himself a master of time, pissing Rip off enough to thrust the Waverider into high gear, despite Gideon’s recommendation.  

Sara asks Rip if he’s overdoing it, considering the ship is shaking and making terrible noises.  Then asks flat out if she’s doing this for everyone or for his family.

Legends of Tomorrow 114-3“Please keep in mind that I can snap your neck with my little finger.”

And sure enough, as soon as reassuring words come out of Rip’s mouth, the power flickers. In his cell, Savage smiles…well, savagely.

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