“Call the Midwife” recap (5.6): A Womb With a View


Call the Midwife has gone from the show I regularly enjoy to my weekly cathartic release of emotions and tears. Just when I think we’ve watched the weepiest episode, a new one comes along that punches even deeper. Perhaps what makes this drama so immediate and deeply felt for me is its focus: every story told on CTM is distinctly, irrepressibly female in nature. This Bechdel-smashing series may be about midwives, but its real theme is the cruelty and mistreatment of women by a society that refuses to help or understand them. Patriarchy, am I right ladies?

We open this episode with a pensioner’s luncheon thrown by Nonnatus House and the Poplar community. Children are playing, Sister Monica Joan is eating, and Patsy is wearing her adorable girl scout uniform. No joke, if I had that outfit, I would wear it every day.

call1Lesbians and teen boys: dressing alike since forever!

Some of the pensioners are harassing the midwives, flirting with them and pinching their butts. Remember folks; this was back when sexual harassment was all LOLs and frivolities! What a time to be alive. We meet Thora, a middle-aged fish monger who is pregnant, and her shy daughter Diane. Thora tells the midwives that she’s delivering at the hospital on account of her age, but they offer their assistance nonetheless.

call2You guys like Clams Casino? Bc I found these beauties on the floor of a Harrahs!

Over at the clinic, Dr. Turner naps in the waiting room while Nurse Crane autoclaves his instruments. While he sleeps, Tim and Shelagh plan a surprise with help from Patsy. Tim wakes up his dad and tells him that the family should take a holiday, but Dr. Turner assures him they are too busy with work.

Later that night, Tom and Barbara are walking home after watching the wholesome Christian film Whistle Down the Wind. They share a chaste kiss before they are interrupted by a woman screaming for help. They take the woman, Lizzy, to Tom’s flat and Barbara cleans up her wounds. Lizzy is a sex worker who got attacked by a john who hired her. They look at her bruises and notice a bite mark on her neck. Tom urges Lizzy to go to the police, but she refuses because sex work is illegal. Besides, she has kids to care for, and the police can’t be bothered to protect a prostitute. (I’m so glad that in 2016, we’ve moved beyond demonizing sex workers and belittling their assaults! Wait, we still do that? What the fuck is wrong with us?)

Call3This might be a bad time, but have you accepted Jesus Christ as your personal savior?

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