MTV’s “The Duel 2” features four lesbian players


Starved pitbulls CT and Adam took center stage in the premiere of the second season of MTV’s The Duel 2 last week, as Bunim-Murray’s “let’s get them drunk, really drunk, with nothing to do and lots of flared tempers” formula still reigns supreme.

However, last season’s Duel was much centered on my favorite long-ponytail-sticking-out-of-her-visor lesbian, Ev.

Targeted off the bat for her “tell it like it is” attitude, she was forced to push herself to the mental and physical limits week after week against her nemesis Johnny “Bananas.” She turned the tables, only to team with him in the end and win all the guts and glory. (Can I get a “HOO-RAH”?)

With a take no crap mentality and a thirst for justice in a “game” centered mostly around “alliances” and “eliminating the rookies first”, Ev put a promising face to the lesbian community in this zany cable franchise.

This season there are four girl-loving-girls on this testosterone-charged melee, (this time set in New Zealand), so let’s see how they stack up against Ev. (So far we’ve already gotten to watch them play rugby in spandex so things are looking sunny.)


Who she is: The girl who got naked and jumped into the pool the minute she got into her posh digs on Real World: Hawaii.

Mostly notorious for her drunken antics in the Hawaii house, she drank herself unconscious in episode one, got behind the wheel in another episode to have the production staff intervene, gave her boss’s wife a lap dance, and eventually checked herself into rehab during taping.

Now she speaks to schools around the country about drinking. On her sexuality, she just says “call me Ruthie.” She’s competed in Battle of the Sexes and Battle of the Sexes 2.

Predictions: Zzz (as proven by lack of video clip.)


Who she is: Naked girl from Real World: Chicago.

Back to dancing after successful knee surgery, which should give her a “leg up” after her less impressive showings during the Battle of the Sexes, Battle of the Sexes 2, The Duel, The Inferno III.

In the crux of a cliffhanger in the pilot, she has been chosen to compete in the first women’s duel against blonde rookie Shauvon.

Predictions: Will win the first duel and from then on will constantly demand to not be underestimated. Really, you really shouldn’t underestimate her.


Who she is: Tough lesbian from Road Rules: Campus Crawl

A personal trainer from Miami, she showered with Veronica and Abe in the first Gauntlet and made out hardcore with former Raiderette Jenn in the last Duel. Definitely a veteran, she’s previously competed in Battle of the Sexes, The Gauntlet, Battle of the Sexes 2, The Inferno II and The Island.

Predictions: Lots of American Apparel. Emotional meltdown and often-expressed lust for the game. Will most likely let her inferiority complex win again, being crippled by the “there’s a target on my back” mentality. Hopefully making out with Jenn some more.


Who she is: The crazy girl from Real World: Denver that wanted to hike in boyshorts.

She was the winner of “Best Meltdown” at The Real World Awards (deservedly so) before she made out with Ev in The Gauntlet 3. She’s kind of an all-around lunatic — and that’s why we love her.

So far, she’s been making out with gay boys Davis and Ryan in a hot tub.

Predictions: Another meltdown. Still wanting to compete in her underwear. Latent fear of heights, onesies, snow, or crickets revealed. Hopefully she pulls a Sarah (see: Gauntlet) and gets sent into the duel every week, only to come back more and more furious.

Are you watching The Duel 2? Do you have any predictions for our lesbian competitors?